· Ars Osthanea ·


Ahoy, and welcome to my blog! I built this blog as a place where I plan to put some of my thoughts and findings about sorcery, mysticism, alchemy, and the occult more generally.

What is Osthanea?

My interests are pretty eclectic; ranging from Hermetic Qabalah, Jewish Kabbala, Neoplatonism, Sufism, Alchemy, Geomancy, to Tibetan Buddhism, and the Gurdjieff Work just to name a few; so my current worldview didn't really fit any of the preexisting categories... That's when I found out about the group of pseudepigraphical "Hellenistic Magians", whose names were used by several pseudo-anonymous authors in Hellenistic times. Osthanes was one of them, a supposed master sorcerer, who was a master of divination, spirit conjuration (goetia), alchemy, astrology, and much more. The details I found so far are very hazy, so it's still not clear if he was a real person, or it was just a pen-name used by several authors in the period.

So I liked the name, and thought that if he was a made-up character, then why couldn't I just use his name for a made-up, new current? I view this as a work-in-progress 'tradition'; as a category I can dump into what I synthesize from all of my interests. Maybe I should rename this category to Zosthanean Arts, as a nod to the works of Austin Osman Spare...

Symbol of the Ars Osthanea